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Creativity comes to kids easily. The sky is the limit for what they can create. Encourage your children to leave the video games and television behind, and engage in activities that stimulate their minds and boost their imagination. Allow them to express their own view of the world around them with specially designed crafts and projects.

Let the Little Ones Explore

  • Kids crafts

  • Make your own bracelets

  • Treasure box

  • Coloring books

DIY kids crafts

The Glitterie has a large selection of DIY kids crafts which you can either take home or let your kid learn in our classes with Melissa and Doug. Find the supplies you need to tackle the projects at The Glitterie and give wings to the imagination of your little ones.

Wide variety of projects and activities


  • Paint by numbers

  • Puzzles

  • Head bands and fake mustaches

  • Fun activities